Destination & Company Representation Management

Premier Lifestyle Management is based in Delhi, India with a branch office in Pune. Our organization provides marketing and sales representation in the India market in promoting Outbound India sales for our global principals.

We customize our services around our customers strategic needs. We are naturally in tune with our clients goals and objectives. Our heritage corporate credentials and service philosophy are our anthem.

Strategic Direction : 
— Brand and product development
— Positioning and communication
— Crisis reporting and management
— Research

Market Perception and analysis
— Consumer research
— Marketing

Destination Representation & marketing
— Event management
— Travel Trade and relevant shows and marts
— Product launch
— Strategic alliances
— Image Building

Creative publicity campaigns
— Familiarization tours
— Travel media exposure
— Press conferences & One-on-One Interactions
— Press Release & Featured Articles
— Advertising

Media Negotiations and execution
— Campaign Roll-out
— Online Marketing

Online media campaigns
— Social Networking & applications
— Design & Production

— Newsletters
— Electronic Direct Mailers
— Networking

Trade Servicing
— Enhancement of distribution channels
— Media Alliances
— Administration, Account Management

Over 100 telephone and fax lines :: 
— 120 plus work stations
— 24 hours call centre
— Operations
— In-house communication facilities
— Managing financial reporting, invoicing and collections.


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